Mispriced Markets Portfolio

Portfolio Snapshot - October 2018
These are the stocks I held in my portfolio as of October 12, 2018.

Any changes I have made since this date won’t be reflected in the list below. I generally post snapshots of my portfolio twice a year, once in January and once in June, although may post more frequent updates as time permits. You can visit the blog section of this site to find out what stocks I’ve been looking at most recently.

Visit the blog to get the latest scoop on the mispriced markets portfolio.

A record of previous portfolio holdings over the years.

October 2018 - Portfolio overview and commentary.
I sold my stakes in Viemed and Difference Capital  but retain my other holdings. With the recent market turmoil, I take a look at my portfolio from a defensive standpoint and consider where we are in the market cycle... (read more...)

June 2018 - Portfolio overview and commentary.
Viemed, Questor and Magna were the bright spots in what was a fairly uneventful start to the year. With the market undecided as to which direction it wants to go, I maintain my hedge but use up most of my remaining cash to add 4 new holdings to the portfolio.. (read more...)

January 2018 - Portfolio overview and commentary.
Oil stocks, auto parts, overheated markets and opportunity. A look back at 2017 and a look forward into 2018. (read more...)

Click on the name of a company to see a full summary. Click on the icon guide below for an explanation of the icons.

Health care

High flyer iconHot and spicy icon

Retailing - heavy agricultural equipment

Average icon

Oil and gas services

Turnaround iconAsset play iconHot and spicy icon

Mining services

Average iconEmerging markets icon

Financial services

High flyer icon

Auto parts

Whale icon

Oil and gas services

Turnaround iconHot and spicy icon

Property development

Asset play icon

Oil and gas services

Turnaround iconHot and spicy icon

Oil and gas services

High flyer icon

Retailing - heavy agricultural equipment

Average icon


Turnaround iconWhale icon

315 strike expiring 12/20/2019

  • Ticker symbols above are for stocks on the  TSX or TSX Venture exchanges unless noted differently.


Want to learn more about these companies?

Start with each stock's summary page by clicking on the company name in the list above. There you will find a link to the company's website where you can often find the latest financial reports.

For Canadian stocks, you can also access the latest company filings at the SEDAR website. For a broader overview, the Toronto Stock Exchange hosts an excellent website with loads of information including historical trading volume, price charts and summary financial data.

Also, check out my blog where I post periodic portfolio and company updates as well as in-depth stock reviews.

Track Record October 2013

5 Year Performance

My portfolio has beaten the market by 7.3% annually over the past 5 years.

Russell 2000 TR Index: + 9.7% per annum
Mispriced Markets: + 17.0% per annum

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