Mispriced Markets Portfolio

The Mispriced Markets Portfolio
These are the stocks I currently hold in my own personal portfolio.

I will keep this list updated as new stocks are added to the portfolio and old ones are sold. At the same time, I'll keep readers notified of these changes by posting a trading update in the blog section of this website. I'll also post periodic portfolio reviews in which I discuss the state of the markets and explore any new developments in my portfolio holdings. You can get notifications of these trading updates, portfolio reviews, market research and whatever other miscellaneous articles I post sent to your inbox by entering your email address here. For more information on the stocks in my portfolio, you can click on the company information button at the top of the portfolio list or read through my latest portfolio review.

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A record of previous portfolio holdings over the years.

January 2019 - Portfolio Review
In the final 2 months of the year I sold Atlas Engineered Products, pared back on my Essential Energy Services and Geodrill holdings and added Gluskin Sheff to the mix. 2018 was a year full of surprises. I take a look back at the tumultuous year just ended and look ahead at what might be in store for investors in 2019.(read more...)

October 2018 - Portfolio Review
I sold my stakes in Viemed and Difference Capital  but retain my other holdings. With the recent market turmoil, I take a look at my portfolio from a defensive standpoint and consider where we are in the market cycle... (read more...)

June 2018 - Portfolio Review
Viemed, Questor and Magna were the bright spots in what was a fairly uneventful start to the year. With the market undecided as to which direction it wants to go, I maintain my hedge but use up most of my remaining cash to add 4 new holdings to the portfolio.. (read more...)

January 2018 - Portfolio Review
Oil stocks, auto parts, overheated markets and opportunity. A look back at 2017 and a look forward into 2018. (read more...)

The Mispriced Markets Portfolio - Current Holdings

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Health care

High flyer icon

Retailing - heavy agricultural equipment

Average icon

Financial Services

Yield hog iconAverage icon

Financial services

High flyer icon

Auto parts

Whale icon

Property development

Asset play icon

Oil and gas services

Turnaround iconHot and spicy icon

Oil and gas services

High flyer icon

Retailing - heavy agricultural equipment

Average icon

Retailing - apparel

Average icon


Turnaround iconWhale icon

  • Ticker symbols above are for stocks on the  TSX or TSX Venture exchanges unless noted differently.



5 Year Portfolio Performance

5 Year Performance

My portfolio beat the market by 10.5% annually over the 5 year period ended Jan 1, 2019.

Russell 2000 TR Index: + 4.4% per annum
Mispriced Markets: + 14.9% per annum

click here for the full 20+ year track record.

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