Gluskin Sheff

Gluskin Sheff


Last Updated On: January 1, 2019

Share Price On This Date: $9.97

Wealth management services.


Gluskin Sheff is one of Canada’s leading independent wealth management firms. They primarily target high net worth individuals and have a long track record of consistent investment outperformance. Over the years they have paid out the majority of their earnings to shareholders in the form of regular and special dividends. Results can be lumpy year to year as they earn sporadic performance bonuses depending on the relative performance of their funds under management. The stock price has been in a deep dive as investors worry about a change in top management and a possible market downturn. Looking out longer-term, though, the low p:e of 8.5 to trailing earnings and the company’s strong long-term track record I believe makes this a worthy addition to the portfolio.

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