Assure Holdings

Assure Holdings


Last Updated On: October 12, 2018

Share Price On This Date: $2.25

This company provides neuromonitoring services to surgeons. Operations are mostly in Colorado but the company is actively expanding into other states.


Assure Holdings is a company based out of Colorado that managed to find its way onto the Canadian exchanges. The company offers neuro-monitoring services to surgeons. If the surgeon starts to cut into a nerve during an operation, the technologists running Assure's machines can alert the doctor before irreparable harm is done. The company is reporting strong earnings and has exciting growth potential as it pursues expansion into states outside their home turf in Colorado. 2018 was a difficult year as the founder of the company used the company credit card a little too liberally for his own expenses. Trading was halted for five months as new auditors and new management were brought in. The company appears to be back on track, although lingering doubts remain about the ability of the company to fully collect on its billings.

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